Three-Year-Old Readiness Center: Dolphins and Whales

This center provides classroom activities and experiences that enrich the cognitive, social, and emotional development of three-year olds, all within a nurturing environment. Each morning, your child will also visit several activity centers in the company of a small group of peers.

  • A Day in the 3-Year-Old Program
    • Playground
    • Good Morning Time
    • Readiness center
    • Snack
    • Activity centers (movement, science, art, creative play, cooking, or playground)
    • Special activities throughout the year include holiday celebrations, Teddy Bear Picnic, Muffins with Moms, Donuts with Dads, and Pajamas & Pancakes.

Dolphins and Whales attend for five, three, or two mornings each week. Children must reach their 3rd birthday by September 1 of the school year.


Miss Jaimie and Miss Rebecca