Miss Diane (Atkinson)

(31 years)
Director of Education

Miss Leslie (Sokol)

(4 years)
Director of Registration

Miss Missy (Shamis)

(31 years)
Assistant Director; 4-Year-Old Readiness (“Monkeys”)

Miss Candide (Mullin)

(1 year)

Miss Cynthia

(21 years)

Miss Emily (Manuel)

(6 years)
2-Year-Old Readiness ("Bumblebees")

Miss Hayley (Simon)

(3 years)

Miss Jaimie (Sherraden)

(1 year)
3-Year-Old Readiness (“Dolphins”)

Miss Jen (Smith)

(1 year)
2-Year-Old Readiness (“Bumblebees”)

Miss Karin (Brown)

(4 years)
2-Year-Old Readiness (“Bumblebees”)

Miss Klavdia (Herrera)

(7 years)
2-Year-Old Readiness (“Bumblebees”), Spanish

Miss Merritt (Newell)

(8 years)
4-Year-Old Readiness (“Lions”)

Miss Mindy (Londot)

(2 years)
2-Year-Old Readiness (“Bumblebees”)

Miss Melissa (Alford)

(9 years)
2-Year-Old Readiness (“Bumblebees”), Cooking

Miss Nathalie (Meth)

(1 year)
Creative Play

Miss Rebecca (Lata)

(6 years)
3-Year-Old Readiness (“Whales”)

Miss Robin (Jackson)

(1 year)

Miss Valarie

(9 years)
Music/Good Morning Time

Group photo of teachers
Back (top) row L to R: Christie, Missy, Erin, Leslie.
Middle row: Emily, Shelley, Carly, Melissa, Molly, Karen, Merritt.                                                                                   Front row: Cynthia, Diane, Klavdia, Wendy, Hayley, Rebecca, Judy. Not pictured: Valarie.